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Talcum Powder Lawsuits Slam J&J Marketing Tactics

Johnson & Johnson's baby powder cancer lawsuits claim that the health care company knowingly used taglines and additional product messaging to encourage consumers to use their baby powder daily and in a fashion that could increase their risk of contracting ovarian cancer.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 - Negligent product messaging has emerged as a central complaint in the more than 1,200 talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuits currently filed against Johnson & Johnson. The lawsuits claim the health care giant failed to do their part in informing the public of the medically researched ovarian cancer correlations made in connection to their baby powder products. Baby powder ovarian cancer attorneys representing plaintiffs claim that this lapse in either ethics or judgment by Johnson & Johnson should result in them assuming liability for damages sought by plaintiffs, most of whom allege they contracted ovarian cancer as a result of using the company's baby powder products.

The product messaging affixed to Johnson & Johnson encouraged consumers to use their baby powders daily and claimed they were safe to use for hygienic and cosmetic purposes. One of the taglines mentioned in talcum powder lawsuits filed against the company is "A sprinkle a day keeps odor away," which plaintiffs claim points the cosmetic's popular use as a hygienic product for women to use genitally.

This particular use of talcum powder has been the focus of the more than 20 medical studies that have discovered a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer. Doctors investigating the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer have discovered talc particles present in cancerous ovarian tumors that have been removed from patients. The regular, genital use of talcum powder is a common thread among plaintiffs who have filed Johnson & Johnson's baby powder ovarian cancer lawsuits against the company.

Plaintiffs claim that Johnson & Johnson was aware of the cancerous risk their talcum powder products could pose to the public, and talcum powder cancer lawyers have discovered internal documents that reveal employees on the company's payroll warned them of medical research that supported a link between their products and ovarian cancer in the 1990s. This paints the product messaging in a more nefarious light, as plaintiffs claim the company continued to actively market their products for genital use to women after they had been made aware that this particular use had ties to an increased risk for ovarian cancer.

In addition to the "sprinkle" line, talcum powder cancer lawyers have also unearthed other product statements that encouraged the use of Johnson & Johnson baby powder in ways that could potentially lead to the increased ovarian cancer risk. Lines such as "Your body perspires in more places than just under your arms. Use Shower to Shower to feel dry, fresh, and comfortable throughout the day" and "Shower to Shower can be used all over your body" are both examples of the troubling messaging affixed to talcum powder products by Johnson & Johnson.

Plaintiffs have alleged in their Johnson & Johnson's baby powder ovarian cancer lawsuits that missing from the product messaging affixed to talc products was any sign of warning labels that may have informed consumers of baby powder's link to ovarian cancer. The talcum powder cancer lawsuits claim that this was either an act of negligence or an intentional effort to protect their product by keeping important medical information from consumers who may have chosen a different product in response to a warning label. Talcum powder cancer attorneys claim the company should be held responsible for not only for failing to add warning labels to their products, but also for the product messaging that was used which encouraged the daily, genital application of talcum powder.

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