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The most recent talcum powder cancer lawsuit to reach trial will be webcast in its entirety from the City of St. Louis Circuit Court on the Courtroom View Network.

Thursday, April 14, 2016 - The latest Johnson & Johnson's baby powder lawsuit trial began on April 11 in St. Louis and the entire proceedings will be offered via webcast courtesy of the Courtroom View Network. The talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuit is the second to be heard before the City of St. Louis Circuit court. The first plaintiff's case received $72 million in damages from the jury following a roughly three-week trial in February. The current case is garnering a lot of attention after the mammoth size of the previous settlement, with much of that attention reflected in the Courtroom View Network's decision to webcast the proceedings.

The talcum powder cancer lawsuit that will be heard in the trial was filed by plaintiff Gloria Ristesund, who claimed that the health care giant Johnson & Johnson knew about links between their talcum powder products and ovarian cancer and chose to withhold that information from consumers. Ristesund was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011 and alleges in her talcum powder lawsuit that its development is linked to her decades long routine of using Johnson & Johnson's baby powder products.

The baby powder ovarian cancer attorneys for Ristesund claim that Johnson & Johnson decided against releasing information related to scientific research involving ovarian cancer and talcum powder in an effort to protect the marketability and profit margins of the product, putting those concerns ahead of consumer safety. The talcum powder ovarian cancer lawyer that delivered the opening statement on Ristesund's behalf this week claimed that Johnson & Johnson's practice of prioritizing the protection of their baby powder products over warning consumers of the potential links to ovarian cancer occurred for most of the time that the plaintiff used the company's talcum powder products, unaware of a potential cancer risk.

While the webcast of the trial reflects the attention the talcum powder cancer lawsuits are now garnering, it will also give a look at the first living plaintiff to bring a baby powder lawsuit before the City of St. Louis Circuit Court. The first plaintiff, Jacqueline Fox, passed away a few months before her trial in February and had to provide her testimony via recordings. Ristesund on the other hand will be live and in person for the court proceedings surrounding her talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuits and will be able to provide testimony before the court and the jury.

There are currently more than 1,200 Johnson & Johnson's baby powder cancer lawsuits currently pending nationwide and these early trials serve as bellwether proceedings that will likely affect the manner in which the pending claims are resolved. If Johnson & Johnson suffers many more losses in line with the $72 million in damages they were ordered to pay in the first City of St. Louis talcum powder cancer lawsuit trial, the company may elect to resolve the pending claims with a large lump sum settlement.

The outcome of the Ristesund Johnson & Johnson's baby powder lawsuit will set another precedent to which the future of the pending cases around the country will be connected. The webcast offered of the trial will allow plaintiffs and talcum powder ovarian cancer lawyers around the country a look into how that precedent is being set, and how significant the evidence and testimony presented before the court is regarded by the jury hearing the case.

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